Sketchnotes club session slides are here!

Following the launch of the sketchnotes club a few months ago, it has been amazing to see so many people starting to pick up a pen and doodle away.

One of the first things I noticed was how people would automatically be harsh towards themselves even before they attempted doing a sketchnote!

“I’m not creative”

“I don’t think I am any good at this”

“I’ll warn you now my drawing isn’t great”

The beauty of the sketchnote club is that people who were hesitant and nervous about doing their own Sketchnote found a group of people who encourage, motivate and inspire them to give it a go.

What they shared their Sketchnote after their first attempt – they were simply amazing. Having fun, experimenting and just giving a go unleashed so much positives for people –

“That’s wasn’t so scary after all, I can’t wait to do more!”

“It’s so relaxing, I find myself drifting away”

“It’s fun! What a great way to just do something DIFFERENT”

And there we have it. Creativity is not about art, it is about doing something different. It is not about skills/ability, it is about using your imagination and being free to explore different things…and that is what sketchnotes are doing for people!

Do you want some guidance to take it to the next level and help you continue to improve?

Do you want to run your own sketchnote club session and inspire other people around you to give it a go and be on this journey with you?

Below is a link to the sketchnote club session pack for you to use and run wherever you want and however you want. It provides useful tips, advice and guidance on how to do sketchnotes.

A starter pack for it will be coming soon!

Good luck and please continue to tweet your sketchnotes to @sketchnotesclub

CLICK HERE sketchnotes club session slides

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