Sketchnotes Club

The sketchnotes club is an online forum where people share their tips, encouragement, guidance and examples of sketchnotes in healthcare.

Join in on Twitter @sketchnotesclub

If you want to run your own sketchnotes club workshop you can use this workshop pack to help you – sketchnotes-club-workshop

If you are struggling to unlock your creativity, follow my webinar with NHS Scotland for inspiration – Creativity and innovation in healthcare and here are the slides that share some creative tools you can use in practice – creativity and innovation

Not sure about how pictures and drawing can transform healthcare? Here is some data from some of the artwork I have done for Bradford Hospitals – Sketchnotes and Pictorials in Healthcare

Want to take some time to build your creativity before approaching sketchnotes? Here’s a simple template that can help you recognise your creativity – Creativity Template

Want to help patients, service users, staff and others engage in the therapeutic value of drawing? Join the new #drawtoexplore movement. You can download the basic template to encourage patients, service users and others to draw here – draw to explore



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