The sketchnotes club is an online forum where people share their tips, encouragement, guidance and examples of sketchnotes in healthcare.

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Why are sketchnotes becoming important in healthcare? There are many benefits in being able to do your sketchnotes:

  • Healthcare is demanding. There are so many polices, procedures and information to process. Using sketchnotes lets you condense all that information into the meaningful points that matter
  • Visual summary representations have been proven to work in helping you remember key points.
  • Drawing your own sketchnotes can help you and others in remembering key things you should do that can help reduce things like the risk of falls, pressure ulcers or sepsis
  • They are easy to understand, straight to the point and memorable
  • They can be used to help communicate better with service users. Language used is so important when communicating with people where English might not be their first language, not able to read or they have a health problem

Worried about whether you are creative? Don’t worry! Sketchnotes are not about being artistic

Want to take some time to build your creativity before approaching sketchnotes? Here’s a simple template that can help you recognise your creativity – Creativity Template

Sketchnotes Workshops

If you want help to:

  • Unlock creativity
  • Understand the power of visual thinking
  • Go through some key tips for sketchnoting
  • Build your confidence and experience
  • Use sketchnotes for therapeutic information sharing/learning
  • Explore new ways to translate complex messages to simple sketchnotes

Sketchnotes workshops can be provided either online or face to face and can be either:

  • 1 hour starter session – aimed at sharing the basic tips and testing them out
  • 3 hour masterclass– aimed at sharing the tips and creating a sketchnote based on a topic
  • 5 hour theory based and masterclass – based on the above masterclass but going deeper to understand what creativity means and how you can embrace it

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I have been amazed at how I can actually do sketchnotes! With the help of Sonia’s workshops I have been inspired to keep going with sketchnotes and explore creativity. I want to say thank you for all the help she has given and how calming, easy and insightful her tips and experience were. I can’t wait to go back and share with my colleagues!

Katie Jones, Royal Bournemouth Hospital

I can’t believe how easy it is to do sketchnotes once you know the basics. Sonia’s online class has been so helpful to us during a difficult time, we have been able to use sketchnotes to share our experience and learning of the changes that have happened over the past year. The tips were easy to follow and with Sonia’s guidance I found it so easy to do. Thank you!

Portsmouth Hospitals

Award winning

My contribution to sketchnotes and pictorial healthcare has led to being awarded HSJ Patient Safety Award, Creativity Award and RCN Nurse Funding Award

Starting your own sketchnotes club

Coming soon! You can purchase your own starter pack for setting up a sketchnotes club including:

  • Tips and tricks to help you do sketchnotes
  • Worksheets to test your sketch noting skills
  • Overview of creativity and how you can find it
  • Self reflection guidance on building confidence to do sketchnotes
  • How to create sketchnotes for different audiences including patients
  • 3 sketchnotes helped to keep you inspired to carry on

To register your interest and be added to pre-order contact me here