I love to use art to express emotions, thoughts and ideas. Art is proven to be more engaging, easier to connect to, attractive and memorable. It takes you through a thought process that words cannot reach.

If you’re interested in commissioning me for a piece of work or just having a chat about what I do please get in touch me with via the “contact” tab.

“Thank you so much for your amazing work. I spent a most uplifting evening looking at your pictorials and have signposted others to them today. Thank you so much for daring to use and share your gift… You will never know how many colleagues are more resilient and joyful, and patients better cared for as a result… THANK YOU!”

— Susie Lapwood, Children’s hospice doctor

” Your artwork is beautiful, whimsical and simply magical. Thank you for all your work and support. It is a joy seeing all your work

— Professor Brian Dolan

“The pictorials are amazing! Thank you for capturing the essence of the leadership event. It is wonderful to see how you transferred all the messages into one graphic!

— Jessica, PhD Psychology Student (& Clinical Genetics) 

I love being able to transform information and convey emotional messages through pictures

The types of things I can offer are:

  • Pictorials – Pictorials focus on the art, colour and expression of drawings to convey messages in creative ways. I use my IPad to digitally hand-draw pictorials.
  • Comic strips – Comic strips are an on-going storyboard message which all links together. The style of drawing is much more cartoon like, less informative, more humours with speech bubbles along the way. They are good for stories, incidents or mysteries.
  • Book illustrations – A book illustration is a long-term project. Working with an author, different styles of characters are drawn and tested and colour schemes are explored. It’s important to really visualise the story and research different styles to make sure the story truely comes to life, is vibrant, fun and engaging.
  • Sketchnotes – I love sketchnotes. They simplify complex information, are visually orientated and focus on the important bits people want to/need to remember. They are based more on doodling with shapes, connectors and writing.
  • Logos – Are very important to branding. They visually represent you in a small simple graphic. There’s lots of graphic logos you can get but I specialise in drawing and hand crafting them.
  • Pictorial or sketchnotes at events – I have a day job which means I’m really limited in how many events I can attend to observe/facilitate for pictorial or sketchnote taking. I like to feel emotions in my work and I draw on my Ipad. I skilfully draw an end result that not only summarises the event but reflects outputs that will be used in the future. I take everything into consideration and use colour and art to express it all.

If you are interested in my style or work, please contact me; pricing varies but I keep it reasonable.

Organisations I have worked with include: