Why do projects fail – pictorial 

If we keep facing the same problems, why do we keep behaving in the same way to them? Do we really take the time to learn from our past similar experiences to avoid repeating them?  There are some things that are completely out of our control but there are also things which are completely in…Read more »

Joy in work – pictorial 

Free for anyone to download and use.  As someone who loves fun, joy, creativity and inspiration, when I read the IHI white paper on joy in work – a picture started to form in my head.  I would like to credit and reference the IHI.  I hope this helps someone, somewhere. 

The power in a Smile – pictorial

Sometimes things just float by in my head and I’ve got to draw them otherwise I get restless. Smiling is such a simple thing, but sometimes, we overlook how powerful it can be. It connects on an emotional level with people, is so easy to do and brightens the day up. Smiles share happiness.  I…Read more »

Appreciative Inquiry Pictorial 

What’s great about Appreciative Inquiry (A.I) is that it not only focuses on all the good/positives, it’s framework also supports leaders be more positive, supportive, fuel creativity, encouragement and kindness.  Many models and approaches emphasise “problems” or what you are doing “wrong” that needs “improvement”. It’s quite a negative starting point isn’t it?  I know…Read more »