Draw to Explore

There are many benefits to drawing, doodling and scribbling away on a page. It can help relieve stress, anxiety, fears and express ourselves (Malchiodi, C.A, 2013) Things like drawing can help people share what they are thinking during difficult times, drawing can be an outlet for pressures you are experiencing and can help provide an…Read more »

Look after yourself – in the workplace

It’s mental health awareness this week and I’ve chosen to focus on wellbeing in the workplace. We spend so much time in work, it’s important mental health in the workplace is noticed. Yes we are paid to do a job, we have a contract and are considered employees; but before all this, we are humans…Read more »

Be Kind to yourself

Every so often I need to stop and remind myself to slow down and listen to what I need. To be kind to others, we need to start by being kind to ourselves. In such a pressurised world, fast paced lifestyle and competitive culture, giving yourself a mental hug is needed now more than ever.…Read more »


To be kind to others, you’ve firstly got to be kind to yourself. To find kindness you have to give it. Kindness does not take lots of effort, but the impact can be huge. Kindness does not really cost much, but is considered priceless. Kindness can transform a person’s day Kindness can impact someone’s life…Read more »


There are many definitions of leadership, models for improving it and concepts to describe different forms of it. What if, we broke it down to something simple, something that everyone can do, no complex analysis  needed – just good old human nature, intrinsic motivators and kindness. The IHI framework for improving joy in work doesn’t…Read more »