There are many definitions of leadership, models for improving it and concepts to describe different forms of it.

What if, we broke it down to something simple, something that everyone can do, no complex analysis  needed – just good old human nature, intrinsic motivators and kindness.

The IHI framework for improving joy in work doesn’t dwell on analysing styles or what leadership looks like in the workplace. It focuses on how we can learn from each other, be kind, show compassion and try to make everyone’s days brighter.

We spend most of our life in the workplace, it is our second home. How can we all do our bit to make it enjoyable, meaningful & rewarding?

Below is a pictorial based on the researched guidance by the IHI free for anyone to use in their pursuit of bringing joyful leadership to the workplace.

It is through the act of contributing to joy that we will find it





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