I am so happy to be able to share my art work with you

I am fiercely independent, love flowers, the rain and alone time

Sonia Sparkles

My mission is to help spread, enable and create a sense of joy, fun, simplicity and inclusion through universal communication methods. I want to help unlock people’s creativity, help them break out of the corporate, robotic expectations and have some fun. I do this through the drawings I create and more recently, I’ve started to help teach others to use sketchnoting to unlock their creative potential

I also want to strive for patient empowerment in healthcare. I think there are lots of barriers to engaging with people who come into healthcare and it is important to break these down. The more patients understand about healthcare and what to expect, the better their experience and outcomes

I have no artistic background and stumbled on my drawing skills by accident in 2018. I also discovered them through the positive encouragement, kindness and motivation I got from other people who viewed my work.

So those are the only 2 ingredients. A “will” to want to draw/explore something new & kindness to help you along the way.

My day time job is working in Healthcare as a Senior Manager. I have a MSc In Innovation and Improvement Science, BSc in Healthcare and PG in Leadership. I am an Advanced Improvement Practitioner and passionate about Quality Improvement.

The way we communicate is so powerful – it can literally save lives.

Come on in. Everyone’s welcome.