Why is Culture Important?

The most powerful thing that helps organisations excel as well as individuals succeed is the culture around them. We are not robots, we are diverse and unique individuals who want to feel valued, appreciated and part of a team. From an organisational perspective, the right culture is crucial to good outcomes, success, innovation, retention, performance, service user experience and performance. From an individual perspective, culture impacts wellbeing, motivation, health and happiness.

More time and emphasis is needed on harnessing and growing the right culture. It will take a long time, it needs to be authentic, inclusive, safe and a journey full of kindness. Processes, rules and policies cannot govern how we feel, behave and act. This comes from around us not from a written process.

Culture change cannot be forced, it cannot be a “one off” and nor should it be a big launch event. It grows from the roots, is slow and genuine. Here’s my pictorial on why culture is important in the workplace

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  1. Liz Jayne says:

    What a fabulous range of images – beautifully highlights the powerful role of organisational culture


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