Comfort and joy in work

To find comfort, joy and happiness in the workplace is not easy. Now more than ever, there is more pressure to perform, conform and become the norm.

There’s no time, there’s no freedom, there’s no reflective process.

How can we bring joy to work, comfort, love and kindness under such conditions?

It’s time to stop. Let go of somethings. Welcome the new ways of working.

Working harder, being heroic, staying late and taking work home brings no joy. It seems as though everything is a priority. Finding a balance is not easy but it starts with being honest to yourself and your team.

Slow down, you’ll learn more and be more effective. You’ll stop doing things for the sake of doing them, you’ll find ways to be smarter, you’ll have more energy. We get more done when we’re having some fun!

How to bring joy and comfort can’t be found in a manual, it’s not something you can be trained on. It’s comes from within.

Start off by identifying your “creature comforts” – the things you need in your environment & workplace to allow comfort, joy and happiness to grow. Focus on what you need, not what the problems are. Focus on where you’re wanting to go, not where you’re stuck.

Here’s some creature comforts to help you think about what it might take to bring a sense of comfort and joy to your workplace.

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