There are many definitions of leadership, models for improving it and concepts to describe different forms of it. What if, we broke it down to something simple, something that everyone can do, no complex analysis  needed – just good old human nature, intrinsic motivators and kindness. The IHI framework for improving joy in work doesn’t…Read more »

Comfort and joy in work

To find comfort, joy and happiness in the workplace is not easy. Now more than ever, there is more pressure to perform, conform and become the norm. There’s no time, there’s no freedom, there’s no reflective process. How can we bring joy to work, comfort, love and kindness under such conditions? It’s time to stop.…Read more »

McKinsey 7s model

The McKinsey 7s model is a great tool to think about organisational changes in the wider system, environment and context. It recognises for improvements to be made and sustained, there are several factors that need to be aligned with a central shared purpose. It has a combination of “hard elements” (strategy, structure and systems) which…Read more »

The Secret Ingredients to #Endpjparalysis

On 6th November 2016, the idea for Endpjparalysis was born in a tweet A seed of “caring” was planted. A flower of “compassion” grew. A field of “nurturing” blossomed. What is Endpjparalysis? Endpjparalysis is a national campaign with the most simplest yet ingenious purpose: encouraging patients in hospitals to get dressed in their own clothes,…Read more »

The power of pictures

Information, knowledge and guidance is so important for service users within healthcare. Knowing how to look after ourselves, who to contact when we have concerns or what to do when things go wrong (in relation to our health) is so important. Think of the time when a patient didn’t ring or ask to come sooner…Read more »