Pictorial: Wellbeing in Work

Over the past few months, there has been a rapid increase in wellbeing and mental health awareness in the workplace. After the difficult few years everyone has had, it has become apparent how important it is to have a happy, productive and well looked after workforce.

Wellbeing should not be a “one-off” event or something that feels like a luxury. It is our basic needs and rights in work. If they are not fulfilled, people will leave, move on or deliver poor outcomes. Wellbeing needs to be a consistent factor that runs throughout everything. It should not be something special or seen as something we should be grateful for.

One way to understand what level of your wellbeing needs are being met is going through the wellbeing hierarchy checklist posted below. Try and understand – what level are you at? why? what is stopping you from moving up? What can you or others do to help?

Wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility, you can’t just wait for someone to come fix it and put things in place – chase your wellbeing needs and do things to improve it. Ok, so there are some things that require help from people with “power” or managers, using the checklist as a conversation starter to explore your individual wellbeing needs might be a good starting point.

It’s time wellbeing became a constant conversation with actions to help make it a reality for everyone. It might be you discover you can’t move up the wellbeing hierarchy – It could lead you to question if you are in the right environment/Job. Culture doesn’t change overnight and recognising something is not helping your wellbeing is a powerful start. Equally, it could lead you to question what can you/others do to make things better for yourself and others?

What ever the answers are, reflecting on wellbeing and sharing what each stage means to you is a good starting point. Doing something about it – either yourself, your manager or the organisation is the important part

Look after yourselves!

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  1. Jaime Smith says:

    Hi Sonia, I love you work its fantastic! is there a way to download or purchase hard copies? I would love to utilise these within my team.


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