Our Rainbow Wall 🌈

There’s so much going on at the moment. Things are changing every second. One thing is certain through this storm…the kindness, unity and overwhelming humanity shown is getting us through.

One day, this will all be over – we can look back and remember the good and kind things we have done that carried us through. There are so many things people are adapting to, trying out and changing due to the current situation. There’s also many small kind acts that have taken place – let’s remember them!

What is a rainbow wall?

A rainbow wall is an area dedicated to collections, showcasing and sharing everything positive that’s going on. Sometimes it can be easy to forget the good or you don’t always get to see it all joined up. It’s an area to lift spirits, to say thanks, to remember what we’ve achieved and celebrate the greatness through times of darkness

Why create a rainbow wall?

Sometimes just being able to break away and do something creative like a display wall can brighten up the day. It allows you to drift off and zone out from the constant noise round you.

It also is a great visual way to lift people up. A bright display of all the greatness can help people remember the goodness that is taking place

It can act as your commitment to make sure you carry on some of those changes when things are over. Don’t revert to old ways and keep taking forward the developments you’ve made

The benefit of having several rainbow walls in different departments is that it can help spread the positivity, inspire others, share great ideas and learn from each other. The rainbow will not be forgotten!

Start your rainbow wall today

Here’s a simple poster to help you create your rainbow wall and make sure it shines on.

Share and spread your rainbow wall

Please make sure you share your #rainbowwall online far and wide, let others see what you’ve achieved, let them be inspired by you and together keep lifting each other up. Be free in its creation and enjoy capturing those moments of greatness. May the rainbow always shine.

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