Draw to Explore

There are many benefits to drawing, doodling and scribbling away on a page. It can help relieve stress, anxiety, fears and express ourselves (Malchiodi, C.A, 2013)

Things like drawing can help people share what they are thinking during difficult times, drawing can be an outlet for pressures you are experiencing and can help provide an opportunity to reflect on things.

Drawing freely can help enhance your creativity, thought process and improve how we communicate.

There is a positive connection between the creative process of drawing/art and our personal happiness. This was first established by Robert Epstein, 1996, as part of his research study into capturing creativity.

Drawing provides an opportunity for people to relax and socially connect.

So this got me thinking, when I walk on wards I see a range of patients expressing some of the below:

Boredom, Stress, Tiredness, Restlessness, Worry, Sadness, Anxiety, Agitation 

This got me thinking, how can we use something like drawing in a simple way to help people explore what they are going through and express it to others?

Along came the concept of Draw to Explore. This is a simple template to help people explore different aspects of emotions, experiences and needs which they can share with others.

It is no surprise, a lot of hospital inpatients stays involve a lot of waiting – and thinking. This is probably a good opportunity to help people express themselves.

You can download a copy of the template here – Free draw to explore template

Please tweet us with finished versions to @sonia_sparkles or @sketchnotesclub or you can email it to Sonia-sparkles.com we love to see how drawing can help others. We also want to gather examples to help show the benefit something simple like drawing can have for people.

Please join #drawtoexplore

Malchiodi, C.A (2013). Art therapy and health care. New York: Guilford Press

Robert Epstein (2016) Capturing Creativity, [online] available at: https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/articles/199607/capturing-creativity





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