Don’t give up on your dreams – Pictorial 

Wanting to be successful, ambitious and having dreams are all similar. 

What stops you from being able to achieve these things? Is it yourself, the environment or other people? 

Do you ever think what you want to do is not realistic, too difficult or just a fantasy? 

If they were all easy to do, no one would have dreams. If they were too hard to do, you probably wouldn’t have thought of them. Dreams are not what you want to see yourself as, dreams are linked to your inner joys, passion and beliefs.  Dreams don’t create a better image of you, they make you a better you. 

This pictorial highlights some things you can do to help chase those dreams of yours. 

I really like the following quote from Martin Luther King Jr. Just try, just move forward and even if you fall short of achieving  your dreams, you are still going in the right direction. It’s better than nothing. 


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