Hello & welcome

Meet Sonia and her unicorn Sparkles their story will fold over time. I started this website for fun and it’s grown quickly to something that’s become a big part of my life.

I believe pictures, art, colours and imagination can change everything. I first realised this when working in a Hospital and thinking “why is everything overly complicated with long polices and complex leaflets for patients?”

Over time I’ve started to use my art to slowly change its position in Hospitals. To be something that’s valued more and not dismissed.

Thank you for visiting soniasparkles and I hope by looking around on it, you find something that fills you with emotion. Let me know what you think or feel, most of my art is expressed through others. You can use any of my work for free in any way you wish – so long as I’m referenced and the Organisation I drew it for (It will usually say on it if I drew it for an organisation). My artwork is not to be used for profit purposes.

I won’t blog much words….words are overrated on their own. Pictures do so much more.

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